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I will make you bread like you've never seen before (...) and in this bread there will be love and friendship  
M. Pagnol, La femme du boulanger
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Christophe Vasseur was elected Baker of the Year 2012 by Pudlo guidebook.

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Best "Galette des rois" of Paris by magazine Le Point in 2014, before Pierre Hermé, Frédéric Lalos, Jacques Génin and Gontran Cherrier

Christophe Vasseur was elected Best Baker of Paris 2008 by the famous gourmet magazine.

Le Pain des Amis®

A flatbread featuring a thick crust and a nutty taste

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Apple chausson

made here out of real, fresh apples

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Opinion column

Par Christophe Vasseur

Du Pain et Des Idées - Christophe Vasseur

Bread, from the Terrain to the Table

For all of you folks who know my bakery and who want to understand part of its story and secrets, I decided to leave a testimony.
That book is unique because nobody ever wrote a book about bread that way. It is a tribute to passion, to people who fulfilled their dreams no matter how hard nor crazy it was.
It is about bread of course, but also about the small world deeply linked to bread, from the farmer to the consumer. It’s about the most important thing in a french life : food.

It is in french and english, and can be ordered directly on the website.

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Du Pain et Des Idées - Le Pain de la Terre à la Table


by Christophe Vasseur