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Du Pain et des Idées - fine and traditional bakery paris 75010Du Pain et des Idées - fine and traditional bakery paris 75010


Some bread...

As it would have been a century ago, the range of breads is limited, but they are all crispy and delicious (and they are still great days later, assuming you haven't already devoured them). The reason for this is that I work with sourdough (and, occasionally, yeast - but only in very limited quantities), and I put a lot of time into the creation of the bread, which is the only way to give it a natural and strong flavor. Consequently, it takes me seven hours to make a baguette whereas the majority of Parisian bakers take only an hour and a half.

And a few ideas...

Roots in the past but eyes to the future, both age-old regional specialties as well as true innovations can be found in my boutique. Of course, the butter croissant is a classic, but a must-try is my pain des amis ®, a flatbread featuring a thick crust and a nutty taste.

And don't miss out on the mini-pavés, small pieces of bread dough stuffed with either vegetables, cheese or various other delicious ingredients and baked in a stone oven, making it both a light and tasty snack. As good cold as they are hot and available in a dozen kinds of daily flavors, they feature spinach with goat cheese, dried apricots with blue cheese, green olives with herbs as well as dark chocolate and raspberries.

For puff pastry specialties, try our escargot chocolat-pistache, a chocolate a pistachio roll, or try our apple chausson, made here out of real, fresh apples rather than the jam found in most bakeries.

Another icon is our mouna, a butter brioche made with orange blossoms, an old recipe from North Africa.

Lastly, do not look for typical pastries here. In the spirit of the old-fashion bakeries, we only offer pies made with fruits in season.